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How Do They Tell The Difference Between Swine Flu And Normal Flu?

Posted by admin on Nov 17, 2009 in flu and treatment

I just got home from the hospital and I have the flu. The nurse swabbed my nose and the test came back positive for flu. My fever hasn’t went over 102 and I havent been throwing up. The nurse said she would have to send the test results off to see if it was swine flu or not? How long does this last?

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How Do They Test For Swine Flu, And What’s The Difference Between It And Regular Flu?

Posted by admin on Nov 13, 2009 in flu and treatment

I’m sick as ****!! I have all of the symptoms of the flu including fever, coughing, fatigue, sore throat, body aches, etc etc. How do I know I don’t have swine flu???

PS – I’m not one of those crazy hypochondriacs, I’m just curious.

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What’s The Difference Between Swine Flu And Other Types Of Influenza?

Posted by admin on Nov 11, 2009 in flu and treatment

People seem to be panicked about swine flu so I’d like to know the differences between swine flu and other types of flu. What makes it more dangerous?

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What Is The Difference Between Swine Flu And Normal Flu?

Posted by admin on Nov 7, 2009 in flu topic

Ok so i have like… all of the symptoms but im pretty sure its just normal flu.

-is it cureable, can we get over it on our own or do we need a shot?

-do you get it from eating pigs? D:

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If I Have The Swine Flu Vs The Regualar Flu How Would I Know? What Is The Difference In Symptoms?

Posted by admin on Nov 7, 2009 in flu and treatment

What is the difference between the regular flu and the swine flu? And if someone has the swine , how long does it take to recover from it , esp if there are no vaccines available ? What should one do in that case? I have consulted a doctor and even he does not know what i should do, he himself said he had the swine already and has not fully recovered and i have had it now for three weeks . I have congestion so badly that sometimes i simply can not breathe properly.

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Is The Swine Flu A Genetically Modified Virus Released On Purpose?

Posted by admin on Nov 5, 2009 in flu and treatment

“People cannot get the swine flu from eating pork or pork products, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And health officials say there is no evidence the flu originated from hogs. The new flu strain is a mix of genetic material from swine, avian and human flu viruses.”

Its a mix of swine, avian, and human flu viruses. Was this flu released on purpose to control population numbers?

Tags: avian, cannot, flu viruses, Flu......., Genetically, mix, Modified, new flu strain, population numbers, pork, Purpose, Released, Swine, swine flu, Virus

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