Winter Wedding Magic Ideas

Winter Wedding Magic Ideas

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While it''s much more fun to shop for wedding dresses and reception halls, there are some mundane details that have to be taken care of. We''ve included tips and tricks regarding transportation, parking, and seating along with ideas on how to delegate some of these chores to others!

Decorating for a Winter Wedding is absolutely magical! There are, however, unique challenges to consider, especially for the outdoor winter wedding!

Winter Wedding Magic Ideas is loaded with ideas for all kinds of winter weddings along with money saving tips and tricks for all aspects of the wedding and reception!

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There''s nothing more exciting than planning a wedding. The TODAY Show does it once a year. Thousands of couples send in videos hoping to be the "chosen" couple while thousands of others cast their votes for everything from the wedding dress to the honeymoon destination. When it''s all said and done, one incredibly lucky couple gets the wedding of their dreams - absolutely free!

While you''ll still have to foot the bill, we''ve done the legwork for you in this must-have manual! Whether you''re dreaming of being married atop a snow-capped mountain or a tropical paradise, you can easily streamline the planning process using the strategies in this guide. In addition, we''ve included amazing ways to save money while retaining quality. Read on...

  • Why choose a Winter Wedding?
  • Winter wedding themes
  • Should you have an indoor or outdoor winter wedding?
  • Picking an indoor wedding venue
  • Choosing an outdoor venue
  • Tips on dealing with bad weather
  • Choosing the perfect wedding dress for a winter wedding
  • Warmth and style for a winter wedding
  • Decorating for an indoor winter wedding
  • Decorating for an outdoor winter wedding
  • Picking flowers for a winter wedding
  • Winter destination weddings
  • Winter weddings on a budget


  • Discover which flowers are in season and which ones will make beautiful alternatives to the more expensive ones for your winter wedding.

  • Learn how to use virtual tours to find the perfect winter wedding destination.

  • We''ve included amazing tips and tricks to save money on every aspect of the wedding, including the food, flowers, music and photography.

Discover how you can save literally thousands of dollars by holding your traditional wedding in the winter, perhaps at a tropical paradise or another location that is typically booked solid or incredibly overpriced during the peak spring and summer seasons.

Perhaps you''ve chosen a winter wedding because you love the snow or you want to start married life right at the beginning of the new year. If so, you''ll be amazed at all the things you''ll need to take into consideration, such as the design and material of the wedding dress. It can''t just be beautiful for a winter wedding, it needs to be functional as well.

Even if you love the snow and freezing cold, your guests may not be as excited about the elements as you are. Don''t worry, we''ve listed numerous ways you can keep your guests happy and comfortable no matter how nasty the weather!

Decisions, Decisions...

  • Winter weddings aren''t just romantic; there are definite advantages to planning your wedding "off-season." Saving money is just one of those.

  • It wouldn''t be fair not to include the disadvantages of having a winter wedding. It''s not just about the weather, so consider these carefully.

  • When else can you hire a horse-drawn sleigh? Or should you hire a limo instead? Check inside for a practical comparison before you decide.

  • Winter theme weddings have a uniqueness all their own. We''ve included several examples.

  • There are ways to get around winter weather if you plan ahead. You can even incorporate it into your wedding theme!

Winter Wedding Magic Ideas takes the guesswork out of many of the weather-related details you may encounter. We''ll show you how to plan your wedding around bad weather as well as how to handle it when unexpected bad weather occurs.

Winter Wedding Magic Ideas is brimming over with ideas on how to save money on winter wedding favors and decorations, including those you can make yourself!

Winter Wedding Magic Ideas provides a wealth of information regarding winter wedding photography and all of the challenges unique to this type of photography, along with money saving ideas on how to get scores of photographs from your reception without paying extra.

Winter Wedding Magic Ideas reveals...

  • Questions to ask before you sign a contract - any contract!

  • What you need to know about Wedding insurance!

  • What you MUST know about the challenges of winter Wedding Photography!

  • How to predict the weather for your winter wedding!

  • How to handle it if an unexpected snowstorm hits on your wedding day!


The topics listed above should give you a good idea of what to expect from Winter Wedding Magic Ideas but don''t think for a split-second that''s all it offers.

This ebook is overflowing with awesome information and great tips!

You''ll learn numerous strategies for planning your winter wedding around the holidays. Winter Wedding Magic Ideas lists scores of ideas for weddings planned around the Christmas, New Year and Valentine''s Day Holidays.

Winter Wedding Magic Ideas is filled with practical ideas for both indoor and outdoor winter weddings because even though it''s still winter, there''s a world of difference between an indoor and an outdoor wedding! Whatever you decide, we''ve got it covered!

The topics listed above should give you a good idea of what to expect from Winter Wedding Magic Ideas. But don''t think for a split-second that''s all it offers.

This ebook is overflowing with awesome information and great tips!

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