The Don’ts of Gardening: Pointers to Save Those Helpful Herbs

The Don’ts of Gardening: Pointers to Save Those Helpful Herbs

Certain plants touch our lives more than we could ever imagine. Some of them cure illnesses, decorate the outdoors, perfume bodies and homes, and even flavour foods. While the wonders that they do can only be explained by centuries of wisdom, the best way to take advantage of their usefulness is by having them right in your own garden. But before doing so, here are a few pointers to bear in mind.

1. DO NOT choose unhealthy plants. The first time that you make a purchase, look for the healthy indicators: lots of foliage, bright colours, and the absence of bugs or eggs on it. Remember that the presence of aphids, even though only minimal, is a sign of many other insects waiting to invade the entire plot. So, do not ever take in sickly greens unless you have the facility to quarantine them or the extra time and effort to repair an infested yard.

2. DO NOT grow in an unsuitable environment. Some botanical varieties die in chalky and moist soil. Rosemary, for instance, deteriorates due to wet feet. Thus, if you are looking forward to plant in a shady area, find a flora that can withstand less sun. Nonetheless, if the weather changes a lot in your location, perhaps you should consider having them in pots. This way, it is easy to move them around for optimal lighting.

3. DO NOT hesitate to cut back enough. Pruning makes botanicals mature fast and neat. Since it promotes the growth of the stems and the leaves, it will help you harvest great-tasting stems and leaves. For best results, have a regular schedule for this.

4. DO NOT make the plot overcrowded. There are certain distances that must be followed when putting the herbs into the plot. Hence, you need to pay attention to the prescribed width and height of the grown plant. Preferably, have a small population to ensure a healthy root system that will survive even with the changing weather.

5. DO NOT spray chemicals on them. Think twice before reaching for insect control products or inorganic fertilisers. Since those herbs are often used fresh and are just rinsed, exposing them to treatment is potentially dangerous for eating or drinking.

Keep these tips in mind and you sure to have a healthy and green botanical garden.

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