State Legislative Resources

State Legislative Resources

The following are select biotechnology related state government resources

State of Minnesota

State Agency and Divisions Directory

Executive Branch - Constitutional Offices

  • Attorney General, Office of
  • Auditor, Office of State
  • Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Office of
  • Secretary of State, Office of
  • State Treasurer, Office of

Legislative Branch

  • Legislature
  • House of Representatives
  • Senate
  • Joint Legislative Departments and Commissions
  • Statutes, Minnesota State
  • Legislative Schedules
  • Legislative Auditor, Office of
  • Legislative Reference Library
  • Revisor of Statutes, Office of

Executive Branch - State Departments and Agencies

  • Administration, Department of
  • Agriculture, Department of
  • Commerce, Department of
  • Economic Security, Department of
  • Environmental Assistance, Office of
  • Finance, Department of
  • Health, Department of
  • Higher Education Services Office
  • Human Rights, Department of
  • Labor and Industry, Department of
  • Lottery, Minnesota State
  • Metropolitan Council
  • Natural Resources, Department of
  • Public Utilities Commission, Minnesota
  • Revenue, Department of
  • Trade and Economic Development, Department of
  • Transportation, Department of

State Boards, Commissions, Councils, Ombudsman, Offices, and Task Forces

  • Academic Excellence Foundation, Minnesota
  • Animal Health, Minnesota Board of
  • Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board
  • Dentistry, Board of
  • Developmental Disabilities, Minnesota Governor''s Council on
  • Disability, Minnesota State Council on
  • Economic Status of Women (LCESW), Legislative Commission on the
  • Educational Telecommunications Council, Minnesota
  • Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board
  • Emergency Response Commission
  • End of Life Care, Commission on
  • Environmental Education Advisory Board
  • Geographic Information, Governor''s Council on
  • Government Innovation and Cooperation, Board of
  • Governor''s Workforce Development Council (GWDC)
  • Health Care Access, Legislative Commission on
  • Health Professionals Services Program
  • Health Technology Advisory Committee
  • Medical Practice, Minnesota Board of
  • Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Ombudsman for
  • Metropolitan Airports Commission
  • Metropolitan Council
  • Minnesota Career Resource Network (MCRN)
  • Minnesota Commission Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing People
  • MinnStats (Economic Resource Group)
  • Partners in Policymaking